The Wow Project by @tom_peters (life passion = project passion) #in

Does it matter ? New era of eBusiness goes so fast that without real passion on our projects we will never catch the market. 

Innovative projects require entrepreneurs, and to be entrepreneur requires passion and emotion. 

Tom Peters says : “If you’re always observing, you’re always learning … Little things do matter” and more “If you want your Wow Project to happen, you have to learn how to sell it, smart, hard, and from beginning to end”, a master class in six pages to read. The most “do” I like “Do keep it fun”

I can say this is not just theory, this week at the @BizBarcelona and SIME @simeblog   I’ve seen that passion and emotion in all the people presenting projects or talking in provocative panels. Start-up entrepreneurs are really ‘the’ examples for Wow Projects, and yes they do exist, indeed.

See also @genmob or latest @bdigital Global Congress We have a real cluster of eKnowledge here !

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