Want to know about augmented reality #AR in a car ? – Safe, Simple and Intuitive #in

We see lots of new apps coming with augmented reality AR, this one shows an amazing way to provide guidelines for in-car navigation, really closest to what a ‘natural’ guidance should be in a car.

No distractions, simple, clear.

Augmented reality is following the principle that when the technology is not seen by the user, is when perception becomes ‘natural’; you can see in the attached videos the concept and technology MVS gives the name of Virtual Cable. Really cool.

Taking some words from MVS site “… eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and mind on driving …”

It is obvious that such guidance requires the best in class and accurate navigable database with all the information digitized for roads and streets. Such database will not be seen but will be there providing the ‘knowledge’ to the system.

See more in www.mvs.net and do not miss the technology videos explaining the concept http://www.mvs.net/technology.html