Can patients improve their own health ? Results from a study of smartphone use in diabetes and hypertension


When people with medical assistance needs is directly assisted by professionals, such nurse or doctors, coordinating and providing health assistance, they improve notably. With the increase on elder population, chronic desease will increase, 85% of adult population believes they have a chronic decease in Catalunya. Health sector expects in the next 30 years and increase of diabetic prevalence of 50% , specially for elder people.
eHealth with remote monitoring will be one of the biggest growing business in the following years. eHealth has one of the key points to start recovering from a disease : facilitates getting yourself, the patient, involved actively.
In the referenced article it is described how controlled patients with type II diabetes, measuring their own systolic and diastolic blood pressure were getting a significant improvement after one year period.
The key is always engaging actively patients on the control and the direct support and coach by physicians. It is not just the technology but being smart on technology application. Health is about people, and the technology can help a lot.

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