The future is CO-operation CO-creation CO-ordination … more from @acornella in


co-society project : “The future is co- Collaboration, co-creation, coordination, combined skills to generate hybrid projects: beyond ???open innovation???, the future is about multiplying the capacity of businesses so that new products and services can emerge and stimulate a new economic force of energy. This is the focus for Infonomia???s launch of the Co-Society project.”
It looks like a natural path : for ‘digital natives’ CO- is something embedded in their gens, it will become their natural way to think. Our children have changed radically, “There is a big discontinuity” as Marc Prensky explains in his document “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants”
Such discontinuity will require much more innovation and such innovation will require a complete different inference, projects like co-society is an example.

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