Tech lead: Location is personal!

Context is the crux: With several location enabled apps, the focus is now to enrich user experience by creating context to location. Dennis Crowly of Foursquare says, “Twitter is like ‘present tense’ service but the real story can be built with the history of it. The challenge to technologists is to create social context, to be able to tell people where they need to go and that is of utmost interest.” Enumerating this aspect, Mok Oh, Chief Innovation Officer, WHERE Inc says that there was a time when ‘where’ function was :

Where x, y, z represented the coordinates on earth and t is time. But today, location is associated with several other attributes and contexts and it is best described as :

Turning to proliferating location enabled applications, Jack Dangermond says, “Social media and real time feeds are part of real time maps. They are creating interesting opportunities and challenges at the same time. The future of GIS will be strong in providing a platform for maps and apps.”Multimedia content: After enabling location and adding lot of context to it, developers are looking to create multimedia content with audio and video enablement. To enrich this experience, apps are being made more interactive as well.

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